Bad ice cream


About Bad Ice Cream 1:

Enjoy your sweet treat with this adorable Arcade video game Bad Ice Cream. Playing through 40 levels of the game, you will have chance to take the role of an ice cream scoop, which can be any of the three flavors that the game offers. In this Arcade video game, each level contains a fresh battle between you and an enemy, who is walking around to hunt you down.

The game world of Bad Ice Cream is full of Ice Blocks that can be broken by shooting. Besides, there are fruits that must be collected in order to complete the level. Bad Ice Cream serves many types of fruits in each level. Once you finish collecting one type, the next type will be brought into the gameplay and the level only be accomplish when all the fruit types are fully collected.

The game also allows you to select between One player and Two player mode so you are able to invite a friend to compete with you and have even more fun. Experiencing Bad Ice Cream seems like one of the sweetest activities you will ever do in your life since the game serves perfect classic gameplay with amazing graphics. Don’t hesitate to click play as you won’t regret!

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How to play:

Player 1 walks with the arrow keys.

Press Spacebar or Return to shoot.

Player 2 walks with the A S D W keys.

Press F key to shoot.

Use computer mouse to make options.

Tips and tricks:

Avoid being flattered by the enemy since you will be melted.

You can follow the enemy and always remember to stay behind his back.

Bad ice cream Walkthrough

click here to watch gameplay: