Bullet Force


About Bullet Force Multiplayer:

What can you get from playing a Shooter video game more than just shooting ability? With Bullet Force, a fancy shooter video game, you will learn about team work alongside with rules of survival. This game is well developed by the great gaming developer Lucas Wilde and published in 2016.

Sharing a similar thrilling gameplay to many other Shooter video games in the history, what makes Bullet stands out from the others? First, this game provides such great graphics. It’s hard not to mention the beautiful graphics that Bullet Force brings in. Even each gun is well designed to fulfill the player’s visualization with highly detailed technique. Secondly, have you ever play a shooter video game with great choices in the weapon department? Bullet Force offers huge selections of guns, each one of them has unique ability and you sure will be amazed at how nice their name sound!

You can earn money from surviving the battles and buy weapons and upgrades that you desire in order to boost your performance in the game. Third of all, you will be brought the game ground with multiplayers around the world. Playing with them suggests good ways of nurturing your own abilities and skills by learning from each other. Last but not least, Bullet Force is a source for many incredible gaming Maps! Browsing through the modes in Bullet Force, you may see the game offers big Maps to play in such as Meltdown, Out Post and many more. Above all, Bullet Force is a wonderful Shooter video game that you should not ignore. Have fun!

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How to play:

Use the first person perspective to explore the game world. Find your enemies and shoot to kill.

Tips and tricks:

Follow the mini map to know your location.

Take the advantage of your location and find a good shelter.

Bullet Force Walkthrough

click here to watch gameplay: