Fnaf World



Fnaf World is an exciting Horror &RPG video game, which is developed by Scott Cawthon. This video game offers an extremely mischief gameplay which includes all the characters of the popular game series Five Nights At Freddy’s. No matter if you are a fan of Five Nights At Freddy’s or not, you should check up on this video game and have yourself some playful gaming experiences. Check it out!

About FNAF World game:

First time published in 2016, Fnaf World, with its growth in popularity within the gaming industry, has been proving itself as one of the most successful spin-off from the franchise of Five Nights At Freddy’s. The game features the entire cast from the original series, each one of them has different characteristics and functions.

One of the greatest attractions from Fnaf World is that the game offers a new style of gaming, apart from the gameplay you have tried in any expansion of Five Nights At Freddy’s. On entering the game, you will catch up with the conversation between two iconic Teddy bears that have scared you to death before. As the conversation ends up with the mission given by the Teddy bears, you will be sent to the flip side, where many bizarre creatures are.

With the hope of dealing with all those strange stuffs, you will be travelling around the 2D game world, which contains three different lanes that are in three different conditions. What you need to do now is moving around the game world and interact with all the bizarre creatures that we’ve talked about. These characters might be friend or foe and the point of interacting with them all is to find out what is really happening to the mainland.

Once you start meeting the enemies that you have to take down, you will commit yourself to a Turn-based battle and fighting alongside with your teammates. There is a large amount of content that awaiting you to explore in Fnaf World. As you can see, the game provides you with very comfort Controls and remarkable Graphics. Don’t you figure out the meaning of the game’s title now? Yes, there is an entire world in Fnaf World, once you step in, the glowing content will surprise you!

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How to play:

Click and point to the screen to pick options.

Use the A W S D key to move your character in the game world.

Tips and tricks:

Since the game serves Turn-based battles, your enemy will try to kill you whenever he can and you shouldn’t lose your turn anytime.

You teammates will be bring back to life after their deaths.

Fnaf World Walkthrough