Gun mayhem 2


About game:

Following the success of Gun Mayhem 1, Armor Games continued to develop and release Gun Mayhem 2 as a multiplayer shooting survival games with even more playing mode and maps for players’ choice.

The Campaign mode is a mode in which you have to defeat all the enemies in each level to access a new one.The Challenge mode is a great training mode for you to try all of the gun in Gun Mayhem 2.Got bored of these levels? “Custom Game” brings you7 different playing modes. In the “Last Man Standing” mode, you have to defeat all of your enemies, be the last one surviving to win the game. In the “Survival” mode, new and stronger enemies will be added to the battles continuously while you are given only 5 lives. Your mission is to defeat them and survive as long as you can.

“1 Hit 1 Kill” – as its name – means that you just need one shot to kill your enemy but of course you also can be killed with only one shot. The “Gun Game” and “Gun Game Reverse” mode gets you into another experience in which you are given all of the kinds of gun in the gameplay tofight your enemies. After an enemy is defeated, a new gun will be given to you. Player who finishes using all of the gun in the shortest time will win the game. The “Jetpacks” mode has the same rules as “Last Man Standing”, just added some more features and challenges of Jet Packs, bringing you some awesome flying experiences!

Even better than the original Gun Mayhem, join Gun Mayhem 2with your buddies now to show off your perfect shooting skills in every kinds of map!

Gun Mayhem 2 Unblocked

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How to play:

Click “Options” to see the default controlkeys and change them if needed.

Tips and tricks:

Have right strategies according to the mode you chose.

Notice that strong weapons will push your character backward when you shoot.

Pick up crates for upgrades.

Gun Mayhem 2 Walkthrough

click here to watch gameplay: