Moto X3M



Moto X3M is a dirt bike racing game published by Mad Puffers studio. It is designed with a lively and colorful theme, which helps attract players’ attention a lot. In the gameplay, you will have chance to be a dirt bike racer performing tons of skills you got on your favorite bike while exploring Moto X3M’s awesome maps and terrains.  

About Moto X3M unblocked game:

Having been enjoyed for thousands times by player in the world, Moto X3M, a product published by Mad Puffers studio, is really a dirt bike racing game in which you can play yourself in the role of a real dirt bike racer. The gameplay doesn’t allow you to customize your character but actually in this well-designed game, he is awesome enough. Moto X3M is considered to have a lively game theme and character’s movement, colourful look and nice soundtrack, which make the game even more attractive.

Moto X3Mconsists of many enjoyable levels with tons of challenging terrains. Exploring the map by surfing your bike under dangerous caves or fly upward to the sky are incredible feelings you will be able to go through when playing this game. The bike control keys are totally your arrow keys, which can help you accelerate, hand brake, tilt the bike left or right. You just need to complete a level’s map to unlock the next one. But if you want to achieve bonus stars, your race must be much better.

Your time is counted since you and your bike appears and the game begins. The shorter time you use to complete a stage, the greater chance you have to receive your bonus stars.Each map is divided into many short range of road. When you fall off your bike and fail the race, you just need to re-start your motorbike in that range, not the whole stage. The finishing point is marked at the end of the map. Reaching it means that you successfully completed a level and you will be moved to the next one.

With a lovely designed themeand map, Moto X3M is clearly a great choice in its genre for any dirt bike racers! You also can play this game on your phone since it has the Android and iOS versions. Take part in the race and gain the stars to prove your skills now at Moto X3M!

Moto X3M Unblocked

Please welcome the brand new race for our dirt bikers – Moto X3M Unblocked game. The gameplay can be tried out at, the gaming site including with many more awesome dirt bike games. Get your bike ready for the map now at Moto X3M Unblocked!

How to play:

Use arrow keys for accelerating, using brake, tilting left and tilting right.

Finish the level to move to the next one and do it as fast as possible to collect bonus stars.

Tips and tricks:

Tilt left and tilt right keys are useful in case you want to keep balance in some dangerous terrains.

Riding fast is not always helpful since it can take you down.

Moto X3M Walkthrough

click Here to watch gameplay: