Raft Wars


About Raft Wars 1:

Do you want to experience a Shooter video game with very fun elements? Well, you are lucky today since we’re about to recommend you to try this shooter video game named Raft Wars. The game introduces to you a boy whose name is Simon. He found the underground treasure and the pirates want to steal it from him. Simon teams up with his little brother and battle against the pirates.

The game provides you with shooting ability. You will aim and shoot using your computer mouse. There are two sides on the screen, one will be unseen while you are on another. Each character in Raft Wars 2 has a a blood scale appearing above his head. You are able to check up on your team and enemy team’s situation by keeping an eye on the mini Map lying at the bottom of the screen.

Raft Wars 2 sure will reward you with in-game money so you can buy Upgrades, Bomb and even more to boost your own performance. The further you advance in Raft Wars, the more powerful enemies will be brought in to compete against you. What you need to keep in mind is always aiming carefully before you shoot if you don’t want to lose chances to the enemies. Now let’s have some fun with Raft Wars and see how long can you stay in the game!

Raft Wars Unblocked:

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How to play:

Use the computer mouse to aim and shoot in the perfect angle.

Tips and tricks:

Once you find a good angle, stick with that until you completely defeat the targeted enemy.

Upgrade your weapons so you can be fully in charged with the higher levels.

Raft Wars Walkthrough: