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About Return Man 3 Game:

Return Man 3 is a Sports video game which based on the American Football. This playful video game is developed by Mini Monster Media and published by ESPN Arcade. The game centers on physical interaction of the defenders and the blockers in an American Football match. You will take the role of a blocker, whose mission is scoring a perfect touchdown for your team.

Return Man 3 requires you to finish a routine from the beginning until the end of its gameplay. You will catch the ball as it is thrown right into the yellow zone in a very short amount of time after the match starts. There are three other blockers that will be running to the end of the field alongside with you. They will be very useful when the defenders come out and try to prevent you from claiming your victory. Return Man 3 provides you with four possessions, you will lose one by one if you fail from time to time. When you run out of possessions, your game is over.

There are 15 stages in Return Man 3, each one contains a set of levels that you have to surpass in order to wrap up the game. You will be amazed as you find out that there are many special moves that give thrilling result in Return Man 3 such as Juke, Stiff Arm, Afterburner and even more. Do you want to experience everything in Return Man 3? Let’s start the gameplay of it now and be the most powerful blocker on the green field since we know that you can!

Return Man 3 Unblocked:

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How to play:

Press I to run forward up the field.

Press J to run left.

Press K to run down the field.

Press L to run right.

Tips and tricks:

Different types of blockers will be unlocked as you advance in the game.

Let your teammates help you to prevent the defenders, don’t go alone.

Return Man 3 Walkthrough

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