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Run 3 is an amazing Running video game that can be compared to the legend Temple Run or Subway Surfers. The game introduces to the player a game world in which there’s nothing called Earth’s gravity. Instead of floating around the game world, the character of Run 3 will run throughout the journey from the Earth straight to the Stars. If you are interested in Run 3, let’s have a look at it with us now!

About Run 3 game:

If you are able to move with the help of the gravity on Earth, which allows you and the other objects have weight, you may have known about the Space with no gravitation, when everything floats all around and there is nothing called the stable surface. That interesting element is also what happens to the game Run 3.

Developed by Joseph Cloutier, Run 3 is a Running game that takes place in the Space environment. The game has 10 characters and it put you in the role of The Runner that is able to make his move in the Space. If you want to unlock new characters, you have to collect the power cells (currency in the game). You will start the game immediately as you enter it. The game world is painted in blue with lot of square holes that lead to the space.

With the help of the keyboard, you have to control you Rabbit to turn left, right and jump while he is running in order to avoid the obstacles and keep on with the race of his own. Once you fall out from a square hole, you will be brought right back to the game as Run 3 serves an endless Running gameplay, which makes the game even more interesting.

If you want to know about the purpose of the Race in Run 3, you can check up on the Map that will show you the full journey that starts from the Earth to the Stars. Run 3 brings in a set of various levels. The higher level you reach, the closer you get to the destination. And don’t forget to collect power cells on the way to unlock new characters. Let’s start the gameplay of Run 3 and manage to get to the destination as quick as you can!

Run 3 Unblocked:

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How to play:

Press Left and Right arrow keys to turn left and turn right.

Press Up arrow key to jump up.

Tips and tricks:

White square holes may crash immediately when you touch them.

You can pause the game and comeback to it when you are ready by clicking the pause button.

Try to get as many power cells as you can.

Run 3 Walkthrough

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